Tuition and Coaching

We run after-school classes in woodwork for students from 9 years upwards. Yes, even adults want to learn woodwork!

We offer a progressive programme of classes where the sky is the limit. Follow our pathway here…

Foundations in Woodwork

Enroll in our 5-week Foundations course to get a hands-on solid foundation in joinery. While the student is creating their own projects they are learning about the materials, tools and techniques both past and present handed down from their forefathers, taught in an engaging way with Ritchie as their mentor.

We are big on RE: cycling, RE: purposing, RE: designing. Classes cover how to do this with wood such as pallets and renovating or redesigning old furniture. This is how we keep costs down so once you have the skills you can go out and do it yourself (DIY). We are equipping you with a useful skill for life – how to think, solve and make it happen. Who doesn’t need that?

Ritchie has 35+years experience across many fields of joinery not just in timber. Feedback from families has shown the benefits of these classes to be beyond craft and wood. We are solutions-based, character-building, challenging individual out of their comfort zone and this is recognised is equally valuable by parents. We have students on the spectrum overcome obstacles, work as a team going on to teach others and amaze us with their insights, solutions and abilities. Many students have been surprised at what they CAN do and want to come back for more!

Graduate Project

We’ve split up the original 10wk term so that students can graduate the Foundations course and leave it at that – come back later or start the very next week on a project. The Graduate Project involves building their own toolbox and we help you get set up for DIY Projects at home with tools to fill it. The toolbox is built from scratch (not the kind you just nail pieces together) – students are involved all the way from designing, drawing, measuring, preparing and cutting their pieces then applying what they’ve learnt in assembly including hardware. They can choose how to personalise and finish their project. Some have stained, painted, varnished or drawn on their boxes. Some even use their toolboxes as Treasure Chests or storage rather than for tools. You will love their faces when they complete their very own toolbox.

Intermediate Course

A step up in difficulty but worth the perseverance for the joy of taking away your own side table. New techniques are taught including laminating and making the half-lap joint sides. Learning to laminate is a useful technique that enables you to repurpose pieces that might be destined for landfill. Again the student is involved from scratch with drawings, designs, learning the math of calculating angles and measurements to make it work. They use hand and machine tools under supervision and can personalise their side table in a variety of finishes – making it a stool if they wish.

Included along the way is time spent teaching renovation techniques. A piece of furniture supplied by us will be worked on throughout the term so you can use this skill at home. Much of Ritchie’s R.E:dezyned brand of furniture is from repurposed timber. His restoration service offers this skill to the public. Your child will learn how here.


We offer a couple of project-based classes where you choose the project. There is a CAPE COD CHAIR class – making a child-size chair as a group that will be auctioned off with proceeds to the class.

Perhaps you want to make an ANIMAL SHELTER and ENRICHMENT TOY? In this class we work with R.R.R. Rescue to make and donate an animal shelter teaching community service and design with the client in mind. Students will be interviewing a client for their specifications.

Both these projects teach entrepreneurship and economics for a student who may wish to make and sell their creations.

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